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The Skirt Sports Story

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you perform better. This principle has guided Nicole DeBoom since she was on a training run in 2003 and decided that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice femininity for performance.


Nicole rolled up her sleeves to create the world’s first-ever women’s fitness skirt, turning heads as she raced to victory in the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin in her hand-sewn prototype. That win was bigger than just a race, though. Nicole had pioneered an entirely new product category, and Skirt Sports was on its way. Read more >

Skirt Sports Sizing

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves when working out! At Skirt Sports, we are proud to cater for Women of all shapes and sizes! We offer a range of apparel from XXS to XXL.


You’ll also find our sizing refreshingly realistic compared with generic sporting brands. If you need some help with finding your size, use the size guide located within each product, or contact us for some personalised sizing advice.

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My first skirt story took place only 2 years ago, but I am 100% converted to wearing Skirt Sports after my first experience. I have to admit, I resisted the skirt movement for year...

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