Lauren Beihoffer – It’s Never Too Late to Take Care of You

Lauren Beihoffer Runs Wild. That’s her instagram handle – and it perfectly sums up the path her life has taken. She is a complex woman with many layers that are often outside of her control. Lauren is a depression and anxiety warrior, a mom of three boys (two of whom are adopted from other countries) and a runner. These three pillars have wound around each other over the years, ultimately shaping who she is today.

We have a great conversation that flows through the course of Lauren’s life, uncovering many of the pivotal moments, bigger decisions she’s made and how she has not only endured but truly thrived. One of the things I find incredibly critical is that even as she navigated her young child’s depression and anxiety, she had never reached out for help with her own. It wasn’t until last year when she started a course of therapy, meds & running (definitely running!) that she has found a place of understanding and peace within herself.

I think you will appreciate Lauren’s openness and candor with topics and experiences that can be difficult and often controversial. Today we talk about:

  • Motherhood: making the decision to adopt
  • The adoption process: Specifically for her sons River from Vietnam and Avi from Hong Kong
  • Getting pregnant biologically after she was told it wouldn’t happen!
  • Choosing to minimize her career as a biochemist and focus on parenting
  • The truth of the phrase “I didn’t know what I was getting into” as it applies to adoption, specifically a child with special needs
  • Having a biological baby when everyone already thinks of you as a mom and you don’t know what you’re doing!
  • Depression and anxiety as a child
  • Getting treatment for depression and anxiety as an adult
  • Meds: the controversy
  • Managing marriage through the muck: The “Sit and Wait” approach
  • Running as one of her greatest joys
  • The Trail Sloth: “I’m not fast but I will always finish.”

For more of the amazing Lauren Beihoffer:

Instagram @lauren_runswild