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  • Running changed my life. As a kid, I was not active. I grew up an “inside girl” who mostly enjoyed books, movies and knitting. Then I became a mom for the first time, then the second. Somehow after

  • When I first started running several years ago, you never saw women running in skirts. So when one of my early running partners showed up for some of our runs wearing a running skirt, I didn’t know

  • I wasn’t always a runner. I was that girl who walked during the mile run in gym class and thought of running as a punishment for when things went wrong on the volleyball court. In 2009, that change

  • My first skirt story took place only 2 years ago, but I am 100% converted to wearing Skirt Sports after my first experience. I have to admit, I resisted the skirt movement for years. I pride myself as

  • When we were single, my best friend Stacey (the blonde) and I (the brunette) ran together several times a week, the distance determined by how many therapy miles we felt we needed. Your co-worker said

  • Growing up as a kid who wore a prosthetic leg, humor played a huge role very early on in my life. Rather than being embarrassed or ashamed of my prosthetic leg, I used it as a prop to entertain mysel