Run This World Podcast – Mirna Valerio Leans Into Joy

Mirna Valerio is back for her sixth appearance on the podcast. What makes this woman so special? It could be her courage to step beyond perceived limitations to tackle the impossible. It could be her unapologetic approach to her unconventional lifestyle. It could be that she welcomes all into her fold. It could be that she’s just so damn smart, funny and nonjudgmental. I’ll make it easy and just say – all of the above!

This episode is being aired at a very unique time. We are literally weeks into the global Coronavirus pandemic that is spreading like wildfire and has created fear, anxiety, and depression. Events are canceled, travel is suspended, businesses are closing, people are getting laid off, schools are closed and families have been advised to stop interacting with others. It’s not looking good at the moment. We have literally never seen anything like this before, and I hope we never will again.

This is exactly when we need to hear from people who bring us joy. People who find the positive, the opportunity, in the chaos. People who make us smile. This is when we need to hear from Mirna. We talk about a huge range of topics related to the current state of the world and then I just ask her to share some stories that will create some positivity.

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