Move – Written by Samalee Allen

She was doing life from a position of complacency. Routines with little to no impact. Flipping the calendar month after month and year after year. Nothing to challenge her. Ugly, restless comfort. Then, life happened.

Change was imminent. Change was necessary. Change was uncomfortable. Change required movement. Movement required a discomfort. Moving her mouth beyond her negative words. Moving her mind beyond selfish objections. Moving her soul beyond its safe borders. Moving her body beyond its comfortable limits. Moving and moving and moving more.

In exploring new places for moving, She found events for movement were countless! There were events for moving with corrals and finish lines and medals! What?! Medals just for moving? PERFECT! Crowds cheered each mover whether they were fast or slow. There were venues for the moving in small towns and big cities and in national parks. The moving drew more people who were moving! Because some of those who were moving had similar life stories of complacency, bonds of friendship developed. “Come move with us in another event!”

In the movement, She learned there was freedom to experience the flight of joy. Her thirst to find others to learn from was whetted. Passion quietly moved in when knowledge was gained and when her knowledge was poured out for others to experience. Her hope to help others find movement was lit and getting brighter. Her fondness for moving had ripple effects among friends. They, too, desired to move, but did not know how.

Soon, a tribe of those who were moving differently was discovered. She learned their movement and began to teach others who were afraid to move. Their fear had left them temporarily paralyzed. They never considered their movement beauty-filled. They thought they were good enough to move. Of all things, they had believed the lie they were too heavy to move.

She explored new ways of moving to improve her movement. She found benefits of yielding to temporary discomfort so the movement could go on for miles and years of miles. There were other movers who offered tips and strategies. Still, other movers provided real inspiration and real products to keep her moving and looking cute while moving in her real body with its imperfections.

One day, reality presented itself when She heard herself shout, “Moving is winning!” Others smiled and took up the charge! She was moving to win…not the winning of the first-to-arrive. No. This movement was not toward a single destination, but forever on a journey of daily winning destinations. Daily wins over fear and over the idontwannas. Daily victories of courage over discouragement. Daily change, “the beautiful discomfort” of those who choose to move.


Hi! I’m Samalee Allen, known as “Sam” to friends and family. I’ve been running with my husband since 2013, and instructing local REFIT® fitness classes since 2014, in Tennessee. Feel free to join me at CenterOfThePie blog for more movement: body, mind and soul. From my very first Heartbreaker skirt, ®Skirt Sports has offered me the modesty and support I need for confidence to run, bounce, dance, hike, canoe, stretch, climb, lift, explore and go shopping. Paired with the Kelly bra, my current warm-weather favorite skirt is the Gym Girl Ultra! I can lunge, squat and twirl like girl with this sassy little skirt…always looking cute while I sweat and move…because #RealWomenMove.