My First Skirt: Siobhan M

Written by Siobhan Maize

My first skirt story took place only 2 years ago, but I am 100% converted to wearing Skirt Sports after my first experience. I have to admit, I resisted the skirt movement for years. I pride myself as being an individual, not one to follow the trends, to follow what the other ‘suburban moms’ are doing. However, I knew I loved my Skirt Sports running top so I decided to branch out and try at least one skirt. I ordered the Lioness as my first skirt. From the moment I first ran in my skirt I was totally converted to the “movement”. The style was super flattering, the compression shorts prevented chafing even in the hot South Carolina weather, and the side pockets were amazing! I no longer had to worry about how to carry my nutrition for marathon training. Now I had a place to stash my key, my endurolytes, and my phone if I needed it. I felt free and actually pretty while running—admittedly a feeling I never sought out, but one that I relished once I experienced it. From that point forward to have converted to Skirt 100%. I only run in my Skirts!

The second part of My First Skirt story has to do with Skirt Sports the company. I was always intrigued by the fact that a former professional female triathlete started the company–Nicole DeBoom. The more I learned about Skirt Sports and learned about the supportive culture of the company, as well as the woman centered focus, inspired and captivated me. The #REALwomenmove movement embraces every woman of every size, every age, in every sport, and every activity level. The bottom line is this company supports and encourages women. As a woman how can I not love and appreciate that?! I’m inspired. I’m supported. I’m encouraged. I’m embraced by the skirt sports movement and I’m happy.

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