Run This World Podcast – 66

Run This World Podcast – 66 – Nellie Acevedo Quit Her High-Powered Job to Pursue Happiness written by Nicole DeBoom

Meet Nellie Acevedo. I discovered Nellie because she is a Skirt Sports ambassador and I’ve always been drawn to her energy and ability to connect to women on a very real level. Nellie is a New Yorker with Jamaican roots who climbed the ladder in the financial world to find herself in a position where she had a great job and made great money. But she just wasn’t happy. Today she is a full time entrepreneur and blogger at Brooklyn Active Mama with 2 young kids and a long-time husband she met in middle school! While she makes a lot less money, she is a whole lot happier.

I think you’ll find Nellie’s outlook refreshing. She is a deep thinker who shares openly about the path she has taken. Pay attention to the core values she mentions. We could all benefit from stepping back for a moment, pushing pause and thinking about what our core values are today. And do our lives reflect our core values? Because when things are in alignment, that’s when the magic happens.

Additionally, many of us find ourselves stuck at certain stages in our lives. We convince ourselves that we need to climb ladders and chase money, often sticking out jobs and relationships well past their prime, simply because we think we should. There are two really important steps that help us make changes in our lives. 1) Recognizing we are not happy, 2) Having the courage to make changes – no matter how scary or intimidating they are. Nellie is one of those people.

Today we talk about:

  • Nellie’s background, specifically her core values. Be honest. Work hard.
  • Marriage: Talk through everything.
  • What makes running fun – DISNEY!
  • Happiness: The power of realizing when you’re not happy and the power in making big changes solely for the purpose of seeking happiness
  • Quitting her job
  • Letting go of money
  • The power of planning


As Nellie says, “When I do things, I do things big.” Remember that “big” is relative. For some of you big can be taking your first step toward a 5k. For others it’s tackling a 100-miler. For me Big sometimes means just getting in a 30-min workout when I can’t figure out how to even squeeze 30 extra minutes into a busy day. The point is that when you’re in it, be IN it! Give in to the task at hand and engage in the biggest way.

All right everyone, on that note, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!