Run This World Podcast 83 – What I Didn’t Know I Needed by Nicole DeBoom

Today I share with you a story. It’s about a trip I just took to Costa Rica. It’s a good time to talk about it because I’m still very emotional and having a little trouble adapting back to “real life” after a magical experience. I’m in the heat of a term I just learned – reentry. I’ll be honest, it’s a little harder than I thought partly because going on this trip was something I didn’t know I needed. Think about that concept – something you don’t know you need until you do it. I didn’t realize the emotional impact it would have on me. Throughout this episode I’m going to do my best to explain what this means. Maybe you’ll feel something resonate with your own life, maybe you’ll feel a spark light somewhere inside.

I’ve been thinking about this term a little more and I think I undergo reentry on a much smaller scale on a daily basis. To me, reentry is when you leave one very unique experience and you enter back into a baseline experience. So for instance, when I host our amazing Skirt Sports events and I’m surrounded by the power of the feminine and all that oxytocin in one room, and then I go home to Tim and Wilder and it’s a completely different energy. I used to fight it and resent the reentry process. Now I accept it but it doesn’t mean it’s easy or I don’t mourn just a little bit each time. But I do my best to let the process happen and sink into it. Sort of like a wave which you’ll hear about in a little bit.

I don’t know when I decided to go.

There was just a little tug in a corner of my heart that said, “you need this.” I didn’t even know what “this” was at the time. I am not at a crossroads like many people are when they sign up for retreats. I don’t have a major conflict I’m trying to resolve. I’m not getting over a trauma. My marriage isn’t in crisis. My business is booming. It was nothing major. I just started to experience this subtle tension in my heart. Like a tiny little spark had been lit but I didn’t know why. Maybe it was a yearning for something, for expansion, for growth. Or maybe for the exact opposite: A fear of getting stale.

When I heard about the Women’s Quest Surf & Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica the spark glowed a little brighter, like someone had blown on it for an instant. I continued moving around in my regular life, doing all the busy things I do, but the spark didn’t die.

Today I talk about:

Tapping into things you didn’t even know you needed
Listening to your body and mind
Security blankets
Having faith that things will work out even in times when you feel so uncertain
“If she can do it, I can do it.”
Riding a wave – all by myself!
Re-entering your real life after a life-changing experience

My nugget for you is this. When you feel a spark come alive, don’t try to squash it. Look at it, explore why it ignited. let it take life, listen to it, and do what it tells you so you can grow and expand on this incredible journey we call life. Maybe this could also be called simply listening to your gut, but I think it goes deeper. It’s about acknowledging the things that you sometimes don’t even realize are calling to you but when you stop for a moment and give them some attention, they bloom and you realize your life is about to change – one way or another.

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