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BodyGlide Anti Chafe Balm has been the #1 choice for runners & triathletes since 1996. BodyGlide is ideal for the protection against friction and rubbing from footwear, clothing and skin on skin, chaffed, chapped and cracked skin from head to toe. The natural, invisible, non-wet, non-greasy, plant-derived formula contains NO oils, petroleum or lanolin making it safe for clothing and wetsuits. Good during and after activity. It penetrates the skin and creates an invisible, comfortable barrier against friction and moisture – without clogging pores or trapping perspiration and feels dry to the touch. 

Stops trouble before it starts® 

BodyGlide can be applied on the feet, between thighs, in the groin, on arms, legs and the neck, and wherever skin is rubbed by footwear, clothing or skin against skin. For Ladies, Body Glide can be applied where bras cause chafing, where clothing irritates and chafes the underside of the arms, or where thighs are irritated by apparel. It’s durable yet gentle for use in sensitive areas, and in skin folds and creases around breasts, stomach and buttocks. The Leading Skin Protectant and #1 choice for runners & triathletes since 1996. 

  • For protection against friction and rubbing from footwear, clothing & skin on skin 
  • For protection against chafing and rubbing that irritates skin and causes it to blister
  • Body Glide Original Balm contains 42 grams
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