Carrie C/D Bra


The story behind this product


She’s smart, impulsive, and up for adventure – especially if it involves the opportunity to find true love. Meet Carrie – the high impact C/D Bra that handles drama like a champ. Whether you’re writing a weekly lifestyle column, running around the trails and boulevards, or jetting to your next racecation, Carrie is there to support you. With lightly padded encapsulated cups, six points of strap adjustability, and a 4-row padded hook & eye closure, Carrie always manages to make her deadline in style. Specialized to fit C & D cups.


Features and benefits:

  • Perfect support for C/D cups
  • Front Velcro strap adjustibility also opens up completely for nursing mums
  • Back strap length adjustibility
  • Cushioned hook and eye closure systems with 3 hooks and 4 columns for extra comfort and ultimate adjustability for daily body changes
  • Mesh panelling between and under cups for quick-dry ventilation
  • Soft, supportive elastic in the band
  • An update of our Best Selling Kelly C/D Bra



Measure Band

  1. With a regular bra (one that does NOT enhance your natural size), measure around the bottom band of your bra and rib cage while exhaling. Measuring tape should be snug.
  2. If your measurement is a fraction, round up or down to the nearest whole number depending on if you prefer a more or less supportive fit.
  3. Add 5″ to the measurement if it is an odd number and 4″ if it is an even number.





Measure Bust

  1. Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust (wearing same regular bra as in above).
  2. Round to the nearest whole number as you did in Step 2 measuring the band.

Cup Size

  1. Subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust measurement (wearing same bra as above).
  2. The difference equals your cup measurement (like you did on band size).


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AU size US size
 8E 30E
 10B 32B
 10C 32C
 10D 32D
 10DD 32DD
 10E 32E
 12B 34B
 12C 34C
 12D 34D
 12DD 34DD
 12E 34E
 14B 36B
 14C 36C
 14D 36D
 14DD 36DD
 14E 36E
 16B 38B
 16C 38C
 16D 38D
 16DD 38DD
 16E 38E
 18B 40B
 18C 40C
 18D 40D
 18DD 40DD
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32C, 32D, 34C, 34D, 36C, 36D, 38C, 38D, 40C, 40D