Flirty Converty Skirt


The Story Behind This Product


This zip-away skirt is the brainchild of our Sewing Room – our customer design-led program that allows real people to participate in the product process. Originally submitted by Melinda S, the Flirty Converty essentially offers two skirts in one – a longer 2-layer version with more coverage and a shorter 1-layer version that shows the shorties and keeps things light for uninhibited workouts. Here’s how it works: When you want to convert versions, all you have to do is unzip the hidden, minimalist zipper underneath the top layer and wiggle it down and off. You can roll it into a little pouch and stash it in one of the pockets on the thigh. Other features include mid to high rise waistband, 6” no-chafe built-in shorties, two pockets, continuous drawcord & sonic music port.


Fit note directly from the designer Melinda: “For women with curvy hips and bums, please note that the zipper does not stretch and may affect what size you typically wear. The zipper may hang at the widest part of your booty, but (pun intended) this may vary body to body.” In other words, if it hits at the widest part of your hips, you may decide to size up so you can wiggle in and out easier. 🙂



  • Waistband and shorties: Endure Luxe
  • Skirt: Transonic Light


  • Skirt length (med): 15″ front, 16″ back
  • Built-in shorties: 6″ inseam
  • Bottom layer zips off and is detachable
  • Two pockets; one on each leg on the shorties
  • Continuous drawcord
  • Created through the Sewing Room, a customer led design and voting program
  • Lightweight, soft, moisture-wicking fabric with UV 50+
  • Sonic music port for easy headphone access


About the designer: Meet Melinda S

“To justify my ongoing Skirt Sports addiction, I need my skirts to be multi-function: wear them for a workout AND dress them up for a dinner party. I like wearing the shorter skirts during workouts because they are cute and provide freedom of movement, but I feel self conscious about the lack of coverage when wearing them out and about afterwards. I have pants where the legs zip off into shorts and these work great for hiking. Why couldn’t we have something similar for skirts? This was how the Flirty Converty was born; shorter length for workout sassiness or zip-on a ruffle for added length and coverage. Both cute (Flirty) and convertible (Coverty) …because who doesn’t like options?”

Melinda’s original product submission provided awesome inspiration for this style, “This tiered ruffled skirt looks cute, is figure flattering for all body types….AND….converts from a 16.5″ skirt into a 13.5″ skirt by disconnecting the bottom ruffle! That’s like owning two skirts in one! Go for a run without getting tangled or wear it out on the town with confidence!”

AU size 6-8 8-9 10-11 12-14 14-16 18-20 22+
Chest 76-81 79-89 86-93 91-98 97-108 106-114 115-128
Waist 55-63 62-72 70-78 76-86 84-94 92-102 103-120
Hip 78-83 82-92 91-98 96-103 101-111 109-119 118-128
Additional information

Black, Noir Fleur Print


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