Long Haul Compression Skirt


The Story Behind This Product


Limited Sizes Remain


“7 pockets is not enough,” cried Skirt Sports customers Melanie O & Deb B. “We need two of those pockets to be big enough to fit hydration flasks (or even water bottles) AND we need serious compression shorts.” We’re happy to announce that dreams can come true with the release of our customer-designed Long Haul Compression Skirt. Built-in 6” compression shorts (with a pocket on each thigh) are made with our most supportive, yet still breathable, fabric so your thighs will enjoy the sweet relief of not-chafing! They’re covered by a mid-length, lightweight skirt that is really all about the mack-daddy waistband surely to visit the dreams of long distance runners everywhere. Two big, gusseted pockets are built into the waistband and can hold flasks or even water bottles if you don’t bounce a ton. Three additional pockets hold all the extra stuff you need to make your adventures memorable. Since we know you’ll load them up, we added a true cinch-it-down belt so the whole skirt doesn’t fall off with your first step.


  • Skirt: Aero Light Jersey (poly/spandex)
    • Skirt in Gray Heather Ultralight – lightweight jersey – UV 40+
  • Shorts: Compression Heaven Jersey (poly/spandex)


  • This style will not be re-produced, so grab the final remaining sizes while you can!
  • Skirt length (med): 13.5″ front, 14.5″ back
  • Built-in shorties: 6″ inseam, shorts barely peek out under the skirt
  • Shorts are true compression – they stay put to eliminate chafing and provide muscle support
  • SEVEN pockets
    • Two gusseted rear pockets with elastic reinforced top seams minimize bounce and flex to fit your stash including water flasks, snack galore or toys for your toddler!
    • 3 rear pockets securely hold valuables and nutrition
    • Two additional pockets, one on each thigh of compression shorts, fit your phone and more
  • Lightweight, soft, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Wide, supportive waistband
  • Adjustable belt with loop holds up waistband when pockets are loaded
  • Sonic music port for your headphone


About the Designers

Deb B: “I’m a long distance hiker (AT, PCT*) who started running marathons 4 years ago after my daughter was born. You never know where your dreams might take you. This year I’m training for Boston (!) and hope to run my first 100-miler in the Long Haul Compression Skirt!”

Note: This means Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail – them’s some badass hikes baby!

Melanie O: “I’m a pharmacist in my professional life and a dog runner in my personal life. My passion is running with my dogs (one is 16 yrs old) and preparing for endurance races. My hubby and 4 dogs are my support crew and always close by. That’s why I need the Long Haul Compression Skirt, so I can carry plenty of doggie treats and doggie bags and never have to stop.”

AU size 6-8 8-9 10-11 12-14 14-16 18-20 22+
Chest 76-81 79-89 86-93 91-98 97-108 106-114 115-128
Waist 55-63 62-72 70-78 76-86 84-94 92-102 103-120
Hip 78-83 82-92 91-98 96-103 101-111 109-119 118-128
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