Skirt Sports Turns 15 and Looks to the Future

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boulder, Colorado), July 26, 2019


Skirt Sports, innovative women’s athletic apparel brand, turns 15 on September 12, 2019. What many once thought would be a fad, the fitness skirt, turned into the front wave of a market shift toward women’s empowerment and body positivity. The ultimate athleisure item, the athletic skirt, allowed women to merge their fitness and everyday lives, something they weren’t able to do before due to limited apparel options. With this shift came a huge demand by women for more items that would allow them to include fitness in their lives in ways that they didn’t realize were even possible. “When I won the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin wearing a prototype of the first running skirt, I knew I was onto something,” says founder and former pro triathlete Nicole DeBoom, “This one iconic piece combined performance, comfort and style in a way that no company had done before.”

Very few businesses make it to the 15 year mark. Skirt Sports attributes its success and longevity to one basic factor: They listen to their customers. They don’t just listen, but they act on what they hear and ultimately include their customers in their product and marketing processes. Many years ago, Skirt Sports made the decision to showcase their customers exclusively in their marketing, something bigger brands were afraid to do. With that bold move, Skirt Sports has undeniably become the most inclusive women’s athletic brand in the market and active women of all levels have noticed, sending messages like this one daily, “Skirt Sports stands out as one of the leading brands of women’s athletic wear because you truly care about women, beyond the body, beyond athleticism for body perfection. You go to the heart of healthy living for the sake of loving life. Thank you!!” – Customer Kriss G.

Skirt has since built a 1500+ women ambassador program, created a customer-led product design function called The Sewing Room, and puts their philanthropic efforts into helping more women find strength and confidence through their non-profit partner Running Start.

“Everything we do is based around helping women live happier lives,” says President Sarah Vernon-Brunner who has been with the brand since 2006, “I am constantly reminded how a small group of badass women can truly change the world when we bring all of our strengths to the table every single day.” Skirt Sports continues to lead through example and remains open to all ideas, partnerships, investments and more.

Celebrate with Skirt Sports on September 12, 2019 by sharing this milestone with your communities and tagging #skirtsports to show the world that success comes in all ages, shapes and sizes just like the women we support. Says DeBoom, “You don’t make it to year 15 without considering all opportunities along the way. We’re still open to any and everything if it’s a great fit for the brand!” For more info regarding collaborations, strategic partnerships or investment opportunities, contact Nicole here.



Skirt Sports is a spiritual movement of women supporting other women disguised as an apparel brand! Based in Boulder, Colorado, Skirt Sports was launched in 2004 by a professional triathlete, Nicole DeBoom, who wanted to add extra inspiration, style and fun to her workouts. Skirt Sports brings unique, flattering, high performance gear to women of all body types and fitness levels and is sold in specialty stores, online, at events, and in their Boulder retail store. For more information, please visit