The story of our new season collection

Your life your way by Nicole DeBoom

Earlier this year I decided that I would throw my life (and my family’s life) into disarray and figure out how to leave Boulder, leave work, leave home, for over a month. I felt a craving in my soul to do something different. I know that this is exactly what I need to grow, as hard as it is to do.

As I type this, I am sitting on my bed in a little cabin in Granby, Colorado, looking out over the mountains as a storm blows through, listening to a neighbor’s 50th birthday party at the clubhouse nearby, and wondering which mountain bike ride I will tackle tomorrow. I’m completely out of my element and I’m embracing it big time.

Do you ever hit moments in your life when you feel like things are going a little bit off the rails – like who you are and what you do every day are not aligned? When you wake up and wonder, “Am I really doing the things in life that make me happy?” But then you feel like you were punched in the gut because when you think about what makes you happy, you aren’t even really sure anymore?

These moments are so important. And as much as they suck, they need to happen so that we can do a little soul-searching and figure out who we are TODAY and what makes us happy TODAY! This is so brutally tough because we are human beings who change on a daily basis until one day we are literally different enough than we were yesterday. And it’s time to discover just who we are now.

I have effectively created CHAOS so that I can open up, expand and GROW!

I have never, in the 14 years since I started Skirt Sports, left my company for more than a week. And even then, I never really left it. The closest I got was when I had my baby and I took some time off to recover from a c-section, but my growth during that stage of my life, was more about someone else’s growth – my baby! This summer I have purposefully shifted my routine in the hopes that it will SHATTER some perceived barriers I had about how I can successfully manage all the moving parts of my life – Wilder, Tim, Skirt Sports, Run This World Podcast, Running Start, and more.

Sometimes I feel like if I don’t do every little thing on my to-do list, I am not succeeding. But here’s the deal. I created the to-do list. I created the urgency to do the things on the to-do list. I create my own present and I’m directing my own future. When I put too many restrictions around my perceived duties, that’s when I go off the rails and things get unhinged.

The truth is that when we create space and time for ourselves (and sometimes drag other, hopefully willing, people along with us), we nurture an environment that can SPARK true change. Even if it is just a small shift in the way we see the world around us.

In fashion, change is so interesting. Sometimes we see it so clearly. One day it’s not there. We don’t even know what “it” is yet. The next day we can’t live without it. Consider the running skirt for example! The reality is that by the time most of you actually saw a running skirt, it may have been years since it was originally created (unless we met you at the February 2005 Austin Freescale Marathon!). It just took a while to get to you, or for you to notice it.

What’s happening today in active-fashion is a culmination of more than a decade of women claiming their independence and saying, “I’ll do it my way, thank you very much!”  ­This didn’t happen overnight. From the day we introduced the running skirt, we’ve been supporting women in their quests for happiness and self-love. Many years later, it’s truly happening. Women are free to be who they are, to celebrate their health in whatever ways work for them. There is no recipe that works for everyone. It’s YOUR LIFE – YOUR WORKOUT – YOUR WAY. No apologies.

This Fall and Winter, we have created unique prints that speak to YOUR unique style while you are constantly in a state of change – this is a tough thing to do! I have a feeling you’ll know yours when you see it. My problem? I love them all!

Meet Shatter Print

Shatter is our only tonal print – featuring this season’s rich True Blue and shades of it. Shatter combines the elegant modern form trend that features straight lines and contrast colours with our take on a non-literal geometric pattern some say looks like a modern mosaic.

Our take? Wear this print when you are ready to SHATTER your perceived barriers and break through to the other side.

Meet Temper Tantrum

Temper Tantrum is both vintage and new – our most anticipated print of the season is a new version of an old bestseller (Tantrum Print from Fall 2015). The good news is that florals are still trending. The better news is that super bright, high contrast colours are trending too!

Our take? Sometimes you need to throw down a TEMPER TANTRUM and then Get On With It!

Meet Starlet Print

Old and new combine to create this season’s diva print. Starlet is a new take on an old classic. This print first made an appearance in 2009 in the vintage Sweetest Collection. In 2014, we redesigned, recoloured and renamed her Arya. Arya was such a huge hit that we knew she may make another comeback. This season’s trend of understated details give the floral-esque features a subtle pop in Grape colour flair while the tonal shades of gray are just simply put – pretty.

Our take? It’s time to let your inner STARLET shine. It’s your turn in the spotlight.

–  Written by Nicole DeBoom